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GCS Member Bios 

Our group of classic rockers are among the most talented in the industry. We are refining individual bios and adding some cool "action" photos of our band members.

Kenny Green - Rhythm Guitar/vocals

Ringleader and the mastermind behind GCS is a guy who loves playing guitar and entertaining an audience of 10 or 1000. I believe that we finally have the lineup to take our performing to the next level. Our positive attitude and hard work is starting to pay off - the band is having a blast as we grow into a powerful vocal and musical force. I feel lucky to be surrounded by this great group of talented musicians and loyal friends in Green Central Station.

Doug Denton - Vocals

With one of the most adaptable voices and a superb vocal range, Doug is able to perform anything from AC/DC to Michael Jackson. He crushes everything in between too! He is the former front man for 1980's hard rock band Tsunami, whose credits include a top 20 Billboard hit and national touring spots with Dokken and Mchael Schenker Group. Doug really enjoys the camaraderie and talent level of GCS - which really shows in our live performances!


Ku​rt Winter - Bass Guitar 

Randy Marks - Drums/vocals

Always on target, the Marks - Man keeps the GCS train firmly on the right track. He also blends magical vocal harmonies into many of the songs GCS performs. A man of many talents, Randy can mix up a wide palette of drink selections should your bartender cancel!

Mike Brebes - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Chung Mi  Ferraro - Vocals

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